Super Pink Strain (AA)

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Super Pink strain


Great for: Pain Battling, Euphoria Seeking, Relaxing

Fees Like: Couch lock, sedative, sleepy, tv time.


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Super Pink strain is the outcome of crossing Pink Kush and Super Kush, some say this is an even more potent strain then the Godfather OG. Super Kush has some powerful sedative traits that it has passed over into the Super Pink.

Most people consume the Super Pink strain to help battle chronic pain, muscle pain, joints, and great for those that are battling day to day pains from arthritis. Super Pink can be very overwhelming, so consume in moderations, some have said that they get anxiety while consuming this heavy potent flower, so beware.

Super Pinks are dense and are a tad tinier on the bud size. Generally, they are about half a finger in size, but incredibly dense and compact. The buds are dazzle in crystals, dressed in dark green leaves, with hints of purple hues, with amazing fiery red hairs.

Super Pink is relatively new to the masses, if you’re an adventurous, this is a great potent flower to add to the “must try” list. Alternatively, if you’re seeking a strain to help battle your chronic pains, look nowhere else, this is an amazing strain to combat pain.

Hands down, this is a flower that everyone can use and love, from those that seek something that’s going to help them ease pain, or melt to a couch.

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