Do-Si-Dos Strain (AA)


Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Great for: Sleep, Relaxing, Euphoria

Fees Like: Starts off light, but ends up heavy


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Do-Si-Dos aka Dosi is derived from crossing two potent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. Generally, if grown properly Do-Si-Dos strain can get as high as 30% in THC content, so don’t be surprised by how fast, and strong this can hit you by just taking one toke. This is a hybrid strain but carries mostly the heavy Indica traits over.

This strain is a pretty bud to look at, it’s dark green, purple-ish leaves pops from the entire bud, while bleeding out long fiery red hairs, sprinkled with crystals, making it really a one-of-a-kind strain. Do-Si-Dos smells amazing, carrying its sweetness from the Girl Scout Cookies traits, and keeping an earthy piney tone from the Face Off OG.

Do-Si-Dos strain can help greatly for those that are wanting to disappear in a head high, leading to nothing but couch lock, and relaxation. This can help greatly for those that battle migraines or needing an uplifting moment to ease the day. Great overall strain but can be overwhelming for those that are just starting off in the cannabis world.

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